Crafted from an unique synthesis of glass fibre and polymer, Landex Chopsticks is environmental friendly, extremely durable and safe.

Designed to support the hospitality industry, it has excellent resistance to heat and its elegant, straight body and anti-slip feature makes it an ideal choice for restaurants.

Landex Chopsticks offers an array of embossed design and double plated metallic handles which has graced the tables of leading hotels and restaurants in Asia.

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Ushering a New Era of Chopsticks

Our Signature Difference


Extremely Durable & Safe

  • Each pair of Landex Chopsticks surface undergoes strict quality control and is specially treated with a matte finish to produce a strong and smooth surface.
  • All gold & platinum plated chopsticks have a double top layer of protection coat, extending their shelf life by 50%.


High Resistance to Heat

  • Do not deform or distort under 180 degree of heat, maintaining its elegant straight body always.


Anti-slip Feature

  • The tip of Landex Chopsticks is treated with an unique anti-slip to enable its user to effortlessly pick up food.


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